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Wii U Toolbox

Wii U Toolbox is... a toolbox, full of custom tools for working with Wii U packages. It allows you to:

  • Download Wii U packages (generates fake certs for installation)
  • Create Wii VC Injects
  • Create forwarder wads to Wii U and vWii Homebrew/tools
  • Exit

It probably runs on Linux, *BSD, macOS, and Windows.

Stance on Piracy

Game piracy is a detrimental practice that harms the gaming industry and undermines the hard work of game developers, publishers, and all the creative minds involved in bringing us the games we love. Certain websites, such as https://titlekeys.ovh directly endorse piracy, and you should entirely avoid such websites in any way possible. It is essential to support the industry by purchasing legitimate copies of games, subscribing to game services, or supporting developers through legal means like crowdfunding or buying in-game content. Game piracy not only hurts the creators but can also expose gamers to security risks and malware. By respecting intellectual property rights and supporting the gaming industry, we can ensure the continued development of high-quality games and a vibrant gaming community for everyone to enjoy.


Licensed under BSD 3 license.